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New Equipment Supporting Our Rapid Growth through COVID-19

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

The elementary CIMC

Dionysius Transport runs a fleet of 21 trucks carting containers all over Queensland and into northern New South Wales. The company has invested in a number of CIMC container skels which are serving it well.

Quality, value for money and fit for purpose products are terms Ashley Dionysius, General Manager of Dionysius Transport, freely uses to describe his experience with CIMC Trailers.

Having experience with several brands of skel trailers, Ashley says the CIMC units he now runs are doing the job equally well, while being very cost-effective to buy. “We have had a good working relationship with Ashley Hayes (CIMC’s Queensland Sales Manager) for quite some time, actually we used to buy trailers from him when he worked for a competitor brand. When he moved over to CIMC he knocked on our door and we were happy to try the CIMC products – they have proven to be very good value for money.”

The company initially bought three CIMC units – two retractable and one Light Weight 3-way skel – to carry containers around southeast Queensland and recently bought another two Light Weight skels that Ashley plans to hitch together as a high productivity multi-combination for longer trips.

“We’re preparing to go forward with an A-double with these two recent skels,” he says. “All we need to do now is get a tandem axle dolly and a new prime mover to suit the A-double operation.”

CIMC also has stock trailers on hand which means less waiting time when Ashley needs to purchase trailers to meet the immediate demands of his business.

“CIMC gives us a three-year warranty and they have the same features as the other brands,” he says. “The chassis are solid and well-engineered with fully automatic painting processes including electrophoretic cathode metal (KTL) and powder coating providing a great finish to the products. There are also useful extras such as LEDs and reversing lights which is important for us because we work around the clock.”

Ashley says he also appreciates other neat touches like the yellow painted twist lock handles which are clearly visible, enabling the truck driver and reach stacker driver to easily see whether they are locked or unlocked. Also, the running gear is installed in Australia and includes well-known and trusted brands.

“They fit quality components including Fuwa K-Hitch axles and suspension and JOST kingpins and landing legs – they are very flexible with what they can install to suit our individual requirements,” he says. “CIMC also fits side-loader transfer pads to the skel trailers as a standard feature which is really useful for us as we do a fair bit of side-loader to trailer transfers.”

The pads are a structural part of the skel and enable the stabiliser legs of the side-loader to be placed onto the skel when transferring a container from one to the other. The company currently has 10 sideloaders, which Ashley says is somewhat fewer than they used to operate.

Article Credit: CRT News - Paul Matthei

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