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Less container load transport


next day service

With our diverse range of light commercial vehicles, our LCL and Courier next day service is able to handle all freight of different size and dimensions to/from Customers, Air or Sea Freight terminals or DTS Depot.


For heavier weights, larger dimensions or over-sized shipments, our semi-trailers will ensure your freight is delivered each and every time.

Monday - Friday Service

  • Freight will be collected one day and delivered the next Business Day unless stipulated differently

  • Delivery Service operates between 6am-4pm (Express Rates apply outside of these times)

  • 30 min Load Time and 30 min Unload Times are included in pricing

  • Job Bookings CUT OFF - 2pm  (Next Day Collection, following Day Delivery)

same day service

For those urgent freight shipments. We have 1 tonne to 12 tonne trucks that will collect and deliver your shipment within 2-3 hours from collection availability time to delivery point in the areas of Brisbane Metro and Greater Brisbane only. Outer regions of Brisbane will have extended travel time frames.

Monday - Friday Service

  • Freight can be Collected and/or Delivered between 6am-4pm (Express Rates apply outside of these times)

  • 30 min Load Time and 30 min Unload Times are included in pricing

  • Job Bookings CUT OFF is 11am for Same Day Service

  • Delivery Times are WITHIN 3 hours from TIME of Booking (Terminal Efficiency and Traffic Delays are out of our control)


  • We are able to transport dangerous goods in single items and in bulk.

  • All LCL jobs are charged with an Administration, Environmental and Road Toll Levy

  • Tailgate Service if required

  • After hours/Weekends and Public holidays are charged at the Express rates

    • After hours 4pm - 9pm ​

    • Saturday

    • Sunday and Public Holidays


Cubic Dimensions

L x W x H

  • All freight will be charged at a CUBIC RATE using the conversion below.

  • The value that is GREATER will be used as the charge rate.

Industry Formula: 1 Cubic Metre = 250 kilograms​

Example 1:

Actual Cubic Metre:    10 cbm
Industry Weight:   2500 Kgs
Actual Weight:   1500 Kgs


10 cbm x 250 kgs = 2500 kgs

Charged at GREATER value:    10cbm

Example 2:

Actual Cubic Metre:        10 cbm
Industry Weight:        2500 Kgs
Actual Weight:        4000 Kgs 


4000 kgs / 250 kgs = 16cbm

Charged at GREATER value:      16cbm

lcl - zones

Zone 1. Brisbane Metro

  • Distance: 0 - 30km

Zone 2. Greater Brisbane

  • Distance: 31km - 60km

Zone 3. Outer Brisbane 1

  • Distance: 61km - 90km

Zone 4. Outer Brisbane 2

  • Distance: 91km - 150km

Outside these zones requires Quoted pricing

Note* Zones are calculated from the Port Of Brisbane to customer address in kilometres. If freight is collected or delivered to either Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport of Dionysius Transport Depot, the determined zone start point is always from the Port of Brisbane.

LCL Map_edited.jpg





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