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Port Logistics

With decades of experience and expertise within the multi-modal industry, Dionysius Transport Services (DTS) operates 24 hours Monday to Friday to meet Brisbane Port and Rail Terminal schedules. We aim to be a one-stop solution for your importing or exporting road freight transportation needs. 

Our transport fleet consists of company owned vehicles and equipment which enables DTS to deliver the quality service we pride ourselves on. Having vehicles on the road 24 hours a day allows us to execute 24 hour Full Container Load (FCL) deliveries or collections, Loose Container Load (LCL) deliveries and collections, quarantine and customs movements, Port Terminal import and export time slots, rail head pick-ups/drop-offs, airfreight deliveries or collections and empty container de-hires or collections.


We will accomplish your needs, as we utilise the right fleet and equipment applications suited to your requirements.​

Fleet & equipment

  • Side Loader Trailers

  • Drop Deck Extendable

  • Tail Ramp Drop Deck Trailer

  • Skeletal Light Weight Trailers

  • Dock Retractable Trailers

  • 20ft Mini Side Lifters

  • Rigid Truck Taut-liner

  • Rigid Flat Bed Trucks

  • Prime Movers

  • B- Double Taut-liner Trailers

  • 40ft Flat Bed Trailers

  • B-Double Flat Bed Trailers

full container load transport


the side loader

This ground breaking piece of equipment has transformed over the past 25 years. It has allowed customers to have their containers delivered to their door step. This means customers co-ordinate the unloading or loading, storage and distribution of the freight at their own expense and organisation times.

Over the past 3 years we have achieved on average 14,836 jobs. Out of the annual figures, 85% have been side loader solutions for customers.

Our fleet of side loaders consists of Hammar and Swinglift, with different models and types for each application we can produce fast turn around times for deliveries and collections.



  • 20ft Body Truck Mini = Small customer sites and fast 20ft empty collections

  • Ultra Light Weight = Heavier containers to site removing the need for Trailer Transfers

  • Leg Over = Fast Trailer Transfers

  • A-Trailer towing a B-Trailer = Efficient movements

  • Dagger Leg = Fast drop and swaps

Picture below: On-site Full Container Transfer

fcl - zones

Zone M01

  • Distance: 0 - 30km

Zone M02

  • Distance: 31km - 60km

Zone M03. Outer Brisbane 1

  • Distance: 61km - 90km

Zone M04

  • Distance: 91km - 120km

Zone M05 

  • Distance: 121km - 150km

Outside these zones requires Quoted pricing.

Note* Zones are calculated from the Port Of Brisbane to customer address in kilometres. If freight is collected or delivered to either Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport or Dionysius Transport Depot, the determined zone start point is always from the Port of Brisbane.

LCL Map_edited.jpg






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