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Freight Tracker, Go Live!

As we progress over the next few weeks and months, our plan is to ensure every client understands the benefits of the Freight Tracker system, that we are now operating in our business.

Our goal, is to create seamless communication lines and efficient processes for our clients to ensure that the customer is up to date with every detail of their shipment from the Port to their Door. With the decision to on board Freight Tracker, we can say that we are extremely confident that the modern technology will deliver and ultimately satisfy your container road transport and warehouse logistics customers.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

As of today, clients that have engaged in the system integration, has already started. In the background, data and document exchanges will take place for your pre-alerts or timeslot requests and then receive shipment updates into your system without the hassle of calling or emailing our operations team, which will create precious time to resource more important areas of your business.

Customer Portals

User accounts will be pushed out in time, which will allow instant real time insight into shipment journeys, book jobs, file uploads, POD's, analytical reports and Invoicing services.

The full benefits for your business is in the below document guide.

FT Tender guide, a guide for your customers.21 (1)
Download PDF • 1.91MB

Submit your interest HERE to begin your process for EDI integration with your system.

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