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All Set In Concrete

After 6 years of operation in our Morningside depot we have decided to re-sign our lease and remain at Morningside for an extended 10 years.

The re-signing of the lease included the dirt filled eastern side of the depot to be concreted to a rating of 100 tonnes to withhold the weights of our 70 tonne container forklifts and the entire fleet of heavy vehicles and trailers. Nearly averaging 15,000 shipments each year over the past 3 years, our container forklifts movements would be in excess of 60,000 per annum, so now not having to contend with restricted movement to reduce dust on the site, our operation will see major improvements with efficiencies of forklift movements to execute the Hubbing of full and empty containers through the depot. Our focus is to enable our team of drivers to have minimum time in depot, which will ensure customers are being serviced without delay.

This is obviously a major commitment to Dionysius Transport and it will be a long road ahead with many of new challenges, with all of that in mind the team can not be any more excited with what our future holds.

Thank you to Northshore Group, our suppliers and customers for your support and we look forward to continuing our long term relationship.

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