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Keep On Trucking

As part of the upcoming 40 year celebration, General Manager Ashley Dionysius teamed up with Mack Australia in Wacol and Brown and Hurley in Yatala to deliver 2 brand new vehicles into the fleet.

Being a celebration we had organised a professional photographer to capture the historic event for the company. The vehicles had been given artwork designs specific to the celebration by Auzprint Signs and Cyclone Signage, Airbrush and Graphics. The trucks were delivered at the same time into our depot with Lynette and Beven both extremely surprised by the occasion and truck designs, adding to the surprise was the naming of each truck, "Lynette" and "Beven".

Photos were taken inside the depot with key stakeholders and staff that were available to join in at the time. After the photos were taken at the depot, a drive down to where it all began at the Port of Brisbane, Fisherman's Island was fitting to say the least. The port has been transformed into a major transport and logistics city with advanced robotic container machinery and more efficient road transport equipment to what it was 40 years ago.

Sam Graham from QPF Finance Group has been supporting our fleet and equipment purchasing for close to 2 decades. Beven said "To have Sam be apart of the occasion was special, she has become part of the family now having helped us buy our trucks and trailers since the early 2000's".

A big thank you goes out to our staff, Sam Graham at QPF Finance Group, Jeff Evans at Mack Australia, Mark Holden and Bruce Barnes from Brown and Hurley, David Price from Drake Group, Gordon Dyson from SWINGLIFT, Jeff Barrie from Cyclone Signage, Airbrush and Graphics and Steve Rigby owner of Auzprint Signs.

Without their help, none of the amazing outcomes would have been possible!

Thank you,

Ashley Dionysius

To see more of our 40 year photo shoot click here


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